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June: 4th, 5th, & 6th

June: 17th, 18th, 19th & 20th


It's about one moment. It's about hitting the wall and having to make a choice, or take a stand, or turn around and go back.

- Jason Robert Brown

Jo Heneveld

Rashod Holmes

Chris Glavan

Rebecca Gilbert

Ryan Nemanic

Katie Narf

Kelcy Swanstrum


Director's Corner

“It’s about one moment… And you’ve got one second to try to decide: Be Safe or Be Free, the New or the Old…”


Songs for a New World is a very rare experience: an abstract musical. There is no specific locations or story line, and yet, it resonates a strong sense of unity and presents the perfect method of storytelling. When searching for a musical to present while in this crazy year of COVID, Songs seemed to match what we were feeling.  It brings us to those moments in life when everything seems perfect and then disaster strikes. Songs is about the way we regroup and figure out how to survive in a new set of circumstances even against overwhelming odds. It is about how we manage in a world that is changing every day, a world where rules don’t apply as they used to, a world where the solutions our parents had – don’t work for us now, and a world where our answers may not apply tomorrow. And it reminds us that we all go through these bad times. In a very real sense, none of us is ever really alone, and our salvation comes through community. It is through telling our stories and listening to others’ stories that we find the strength to go on.


I hope as you journey through these moments with us, you can use the natural ambiguity of the show and its relation to the human heart and mind and find your moments and your journey within the songs. When we find ourselves in a new world, we can triumph in the new landscape, or we can see it as dark and foreboding.  My wish is for you to see your moments as chances for new beginnings. Believe that in your new world, you not only can survive, but you can thrive there.


“Listen to the song that I sing, and trust me. We’ll be fine.”


Enjoy the show!


Stephanie Hudson, Songs for a New World Director


P.S. I am so excited that Songs for a New World is the debut show for New Stages Theatre Company. From prehistoric people telling stories around the fire, to the biggest techno-spectacle on Broadway, theatre is about telling stories, stories that unite us, that show us our commonality. Songs fits that bill perfectly. It’s significant that at the end of the show, the line “You’ll be fine” has been changed to “We’ll be fine.” It’s about community. It’s about shared experience. And it’s about the fact that as humans, together, we are all forced to go on new journeys, into new worlds, over and over again. Welcome to our new journey – New Stages Theatre Company!

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